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"I think that energy, and the use of energy in healing, will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade." Dr Oz


Aloha Welcome Home,

We are so excited you found us... your path has led you to one of the greatest discoveries in health and wellness. Spirit has guided you to Power Energetics for a reason because intuitively you know you are ready to reach the next level.

Power Energetics is your guide to an integrative approach to quantum wellness through vibrational medicine, purification and energetic clearing. 

This is brand new and crucial to your modern day life! The healing comes from the purest form of love in the deepest most sacred part of your heart. The technique is an ascension process that leads you into a true heart opening which strengthens you to heal your whole being. 

Power Energetics is a revolutionary method that raises your awareness to an omni eternal presence deep inside your sacred heart - through this process divine wisdom is accessed. Once there, identifying the root cause of your issues will shift your energy. 

Then you are  able to quickly heal your symptoms while you align with your goals. The end result is your true self emerges feeling much lighter, happier and healthier.

Our clients report instant mind, body, soul shifts, then state miraculous results they never thought were possible!   

Power Energetics is a beautifully simple process. Once awakened to your inner gifts, you're able to heal and guide yourself through your own sacred heart. This will engage you to facilitate your future path as a free sovereign being.

We love sharing Power Energetics through sacred offerings now available online, by phone or in person. 

Power Energetics is the essential fundamental art of self love, self care and personal growth!

Enrich your life by taking yourself further, than you ever knew was possible with Power Energetics!

Imagine yourself having fun healing because when our clients release from their old profile they often laugh, giggle and sigh in relief! 

The result is you achieve a higher vibration that can be seen and tangibly felt - even from your very first session.

Please learn more about how Power Energetics can help you in the guide link below.





Power Energetics is a healing system that balances your energy to create peace and harmony in your mind, body, soul connection. Energy medicine is a simple hands-free, non-invasive holistic treatment that can work at a distance or in person. Power Energetics does not diagnose or prescribe and is complimentary to all modalities. The technique has a divine presence of ancient wisdom mixed with a modern day quantum boost. 



Power Energetic's vision is dedicated to the highest quality of customer service, excellent treatment results, empowered education and luxury retreats. Imagine a world living in the sacred heart – learning a whole new way to love, nurture and heal.



Power Energetic's  revolutionary mission is to make a huge impact in the health field.  To guide you to have an enlightening experience deep inside your sacred heart, in this awareness you feel quantum shifts,  with instant results eliminating symptoms and blocks between you and your goals.


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"This to me is like the ultimate disclosure in a sense because we are the ones we want to wake up to." LAURA EISENHOWER

Sacred Heart Soul Family

If you are a client please join our family - a private facebook group, we will be there to answer questions, share results and connect - learning a whole new way to love, nurture and heal. 

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